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Store Accident recovered $3,500,000

Problem with the birth of a baby We recovered $1,050,000

Car Hits Person We Recovered $800,000

Postman has a fall and slipped We collected $350,000

Fall in departments We recovered $250,000

Beaten taxi driver we recovered $150,000

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  • In your work accident case
  • Repetitive burnout injury
  • Take your car out of the corralón / tow-yard
  • Provide medical care for your injuries at no cost
  • Reimbursement of your expenses
  • Repair your car or give you the maximum replacement value
  • Give you good medical care
  • Give you money for missed days of work
  • Evaluate how much your case is worth
  • We will fight for the maximum value of your case
  • If you already have an attorney, you can switch to us to represent you at no additional cost.

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– Payments for temporary disability

– Payments for permanent disability

– Lump sum payment options

Unfortunately, insurance companies often try to reduce or deny these benefits. For example, they may argue that you are not actually disabled by your injury or illness, or that your condition is not work-related. We know how to combat these types of tactics. As your workers’ compensation attorney, we will defend your rights and make the strongest legal case possible for you to receive full and fair compensation.


We do not charge anything until we win your case. We have to do everything possible so that the insurance company pays you as much as possible. It is important that you do not hire any lawyer, but rather with our experience, knowledge and capital. We will be able to invest the money to take your case to trial. Litigating a case can cost us more than $100,000. When your case is truly worth fighting for, we invest everything, to demand the maximum value of compensation for you. Experience makes the difference.


The law provides many benefits to accident victims, but only within a limited time. The more time you spend, the more value you can lose and that is why it is important and urgent that you contact our office as soon as possible to start helping you, starting your case.


  • Get medical attention as soon as possible to have evidence of your injury.
  • Do not accept the offer of insurance until you receive a second opinion from our office.
  • Do not give your statement to anyone. It is evidence and it can be used against you. Call us first.
  • Please do not sign anything before contacting us. It can be a “Release” that takes away your right to sue in the future or a “Release” that gives you approval to give them confidential documents that have nothing to do with this accident.
  • When you call us you know exactly who we are.
    We never charge you anything in advance.

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